Themis Trading is committed to non-conflicted, cost-agnostic, best-execution, period.

In today’s electronic and fragmented web of trading destinations, each rife with conflicts of interests, trading large institutional orders has never been more challenging. The trade-off between choosing scant few “clean” destinations vs. casting a wide net requires continuous analysis, and adjustment.

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and trading styles, and our execution strategies adapt to their needs, to the market, and to daily trading patterns.

• We help our clients stay abreast of the latest market changes, develop the most effective trading strategies for them, and obtain truly best execution.

• We have a veteran trading team that understands markets and trading technology. Our traders average over 20 years trading experience each.

• We are a recognized thought leader and expert in equity market structure, and regularly speak out on behalf of long-term investors. We believe that markets should focus on the needs of real investors, and not intermediaries.

• The Themis approach is never affected by the conflicts inherent in the traditional broker model.


“While it is standard for so many traders to place their large orders in execution algorithms, all too often those algos are too predictable and conflicted.” - Paul Zajac, Partner, Themis Trading

“Everything about how we do things is to execute in the cleanest way possible, take out the intermediaries and source true liquidity wherever it resides.” – Joe Saluzzi, Partner, Themis Trading

“While the way we execute changes from order to order, we always need to be unpredictable. As soon as you become systematic, you are going to get figured out by the market place and it is going to cost you.” – Sal Arnuk, Partner, Themis Trading