Themis Trading is committed to non-conflicted, cost-agnostic, best-execution, period.

In today’s electronic and fragmented web of trading destinations, each rife with conflicts of interests, trading large institutional orders has never been more challenging. The trade-off between choosing scant few “clean” destinations vs. casting a wide net requires continuous analysis, and adjustment.

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and trading styles, and our execution strategies adapt to their needs, to the market, and to daily trading patterns.

• We help our clients stay abreast of the latest market changes, develop the most effective trading strategies for them, and obtain truly best execution.

Themis Trading is an independent, no-conflict, institutional agency brokerage firm specializing in equities.

• We are experts at navigating all light and dark market centers to help our clients obtain the best possible prices.

• Always at the forefront of trading, we continually research the market to benefit and protect our clients. Results are published via exclusive daily emails, white papers and our blog.

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