The Themis Approach


Trading today is more challenging than ever.

We’ve seen Reg ATS and NMS, the proliferation of electronic market centers, and the conversion of formerly great American exchanges from non-profit organizations into for-profit publicly traded companies.

While we are pro-technology, the unintended consequences of these forces have fundamentally changed how liquidity and the capital markets work.

Both institutional and retail investors must be extremely careful. In seeking the benefit of low cost electronic trading, they risk even higher opportunity costs, which can affect them in nano-seconds.

Within this environment, Themis works closely to understand our clients’ needs and trading styles.

• Our veteran traders help them stay abreast of the latest market changes, develop the most effective trading strategies, and obtain the best possible prices.

• The Themis team has an unusually high level of expertise. Our three partners have more than 45 years of combined experience on Wall Street. Two of them have more than 14 years each as no-conflict, agency traders.

• Our approach is never affected by the conflicts inherent in the traditional broker model.